12 DECEMBER 1846, Page 19


. Op the 4th December, at the Rectory House, Little Yeldham, Essex, the Wife of the Rev. J. Gaselee, of a daughter. On the 4th, the Wife of Russell Martyn Piccard, Esq., of The Nunnery, Sonthmolton, Devon, of a son. On the Out, at Hedgerley Park, the Lady of Rice R. Clayton, Esq., M.P., of a son. On the 8th, In Park Lane, the Lady of Henry Langley. Esq., of Buttes Castle, Tip- perary, of aeon and heir. On the 8th, at Htu0svood, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs. Arthur Lascelles, of a daughter. Sin the .9th,th Eaton Place, the Wife of Henry Barkly, Esq., M.P., of a eon.


On the 1st December, at Bathford Church, Bath, Fitzjames Stuart Macgregor, Esq., son of Lieutenant-General J. A. Paul Macgregor, Bathford House, to Louisa Jane, daughter of John Wiltshire, Esq., of Shockerwick. On the 2d, at Carrie House, Borthwick, Ebenezer Wallace, Esq., Writer to the Signet, to Isabella, youngest surviving daughter of the late Ralph Hardie, Esq. On the 3d, at Walcot Church, Bath, Peregrine Henry Fellowes, Esq., R.M., son of Capt. Sir Thomas Fellowes, R.N., C.B., to Caroline Elizabeth, only daughter of Major- General Forbes, Royal Artillery. On the 5th, at Broughton Church, Oxon, Henry Wenman Newman, Esq., of Thorn- bury Park, Gloucestershire, and Clifton, Bristol, to Frances Margaret, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Joseph Goodenough, D.D., Rector of Broughton Pogis, Oxfordshire. On the 8th, at All Souls' Church, Longhorn Place, Rear-Admiral Earl Waldegrave, C.B., to Sarah, Widow of the late Edward Milward, Esq., of Hastings. On the 8th, at St. Luke's, Heywood, John Cuttliffe Kay, Esq., of Farefieid Hall, Yorkshire, eldest son of Ellis Lister Cunliffe Kay, Esq.. of Manningham Hall, in the same county, to Ann, only daughter of James Fenton. Esq., of Bamford Hall, Lan- cashire. O n 8th, at Jarviston House, Lanarkshire, Captain J. 0. Moiler, of her Majesty's Twenty-eighth Regiment, to Mary Pen, third daughter of the late Major Drysdale, of Jarviston. On the 9th, at Benny Church, near Sudbury, Suffolk, the Rev. John Wingfield Hard- ing, eff Tong, Shropshire, to Elizabeth Anne, daughter of the late Charles Raymond Barker, Esq.


On the 21st September, at Cheempoongers, Rachel, Wife of Dr. James Duncan, sur- geon in the Bengal Army, and only daughter of James Ogilvie, Esq., writer in Dundee. On the 18th October, at Berhampore, Bengal, Captain Charles Lewis Spills, Bengal Engineers. On the 10th November, at the Dardanelles, Charles A. Lander, her Britannic Ma- jesty's Consul at that place; in his 60th year. On the 29th, at Amiens, the Lady Emily Drummond de Melted., daughter of James, third Duke de Melfort. in France, and Earl of Meifort, Scotland; in her 91st year. • the e 3d December, at Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Colonel Thomas Francis Wade, C.B., of Ravenscroft, Middlewick, Cheshire ; his 59th year. He was seized with sudden illness whilst performing his duties as Assistant Poor-law Commissioner for Wales. On the 3d, in the Widows' Almshouse, of St. Audoen's parish, Dublin, Ellen Render- ices; in her 108th year. On the 3d at Stratford, Essex, Mr. Samuel Deadley ; In Ms 92d year. On the 3d, at Cholderton House, Wilts, Lady Paxton, Widow of the late Sir William Paxton, of hllddleton Hall, Carmarthenshire ; in her 82d year.

On the 4th, Mrs. Jane Hood, Widow of the late Thomas Hood.

. -On the 4th, the Right Hon. Lord Stourton ; in his 7Ist year. n the 4th, at the house of his brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Irvine, Hyde Park Street, the Rev. Andrew Irvine, Vicar of St. Margaret's, Leicester. On the 4th, at Tredegar, Idonmouthabire, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart; in his Seth year. On the 4th, in Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square, Lady Caroline Drnmmond. On the 4th, In India Street, Edinburgh. Miss Barbara Stodart, fourth daughter of the late James Stodart. Esq., Commissioner of Excise, Edinburgh. On the 5th, at Notting Hill, Bayswater, Lieutenant-General Richard Colle:on Dick- colonel Conunandant of the Second Battalion of the Royal Artillery ; in his 86th year. On the 5th, at Gresford, Charles Cholmondeley, Esq., son of the late Thomas Choi- mondeley, of Vale Royal, and brother of Lord Delamere. On the 6th, at Poisloe Park, the Rev. Jonas Dennis, B.C.L., Prebendary oj Kerswell, in Exeter Castle: In his 71st year. On the 7th, at Penn Hall, Janet, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre, Royal Artil- . /say; in her 15th year. • On the 8th. at licavitree, Devon, Charles Davers Osbourn, Esq., second sue of sir John Osbourn, Hart.. in his 28th year.

On the 10th, at Winchtleld House, Hants, Admiral Lord Amelius Beaucierk, G.C.B., 17.0.11.; In his 75th year.

ag the /OM, Sir James Samuel Lake, Bart., of Friskney, Lincolnshire.