12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 16


A tour of the world has just been completed by Mr. Barbe- Baker, the founder of "The Men of the Trees." He may be called a traveller in trees though his samples consist in ideas, Among the places he visited—and photographed—was the " Singing Tower and Sanctuary Mountain, Lake Florida,- which is " a little bit of England in the heart of Florida." The Sanctuary is in charge of a retired, and distinguished, British officer, and the forest guards for the woodland sanctuary come from Lancashire. It is pleasant to know how this form of the Pax Britannica is being spread about the world. A photograph of this wonderful place appears in the " Men of Trees " Calendar, published from 54 Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea ; and propaganda of an idea was seldom more beautifully carried out. I see that Mr. Alsebrook, who also has been an active promoter of the tree sense, has edited a diary, a "Farmer's and Countryman's Pocket Diary," full of the country spirit and agricultural information.

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