12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 16


A once rare or rather rare finch appears to be growing much more common, the large and splendid hawfinch. In one neighbour's garden a number are seen continuously ; and some observer talks of the distinctive sound of the chattering of small flocks overhead. An unlucky hen bird was picked up dead this week in another neighbour's garden. It had flown with such force against a large window as to break its neck and the beak, which is the most powerful of all our birds, and looks like mother-of-pearl. Any window may be dangerous to birds if they can see through it to another window. They seldom hit a window that has a wall for background. I know one wooden fishing box which

proved miserably fatal to warblers till a curtain was hung across one of the windows, giving a diagonal " perview" acros, a corner of the hut. This risk to bird life is well worth

considering. * *