12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 18


SHL—Along the lines suggested, under the above heading in your issue of December 5th, there seems to me little hope of advance towards world peace. Isaiah's vision, founded on moral evolution, like that of so many other seers, remains unfulfilled. Tennyson's vision of " aerial navies grappling in the central blue" had a sounder basis. He noted that the intellectualization of the race was proceeding with an almost alarming rapidity, whilst its moralization remained almost stationary. He was keenly conscious of the uncultured state of humanity. ‘Now what seems to me of paramount importance is the formation of an International Peace Force to meet the world's present need. Such a Force would liberate, stimulate and develop the cultural possibilities of the world, until its existence became unnecessary. It could be constituted so as to relieve every nation of the upkeep of a large standing army by their contributing so many thousand soldiers each to its formation. The situation of this Peace Force could be agreed upon. It could be internationally governed with a view to making peace a certainty. Had such a force been in existence the Manchurian trouble would have been removed at once. Law, for ages yet, must have a force behind it. And so must " Leagues of Nations," or even " A League of Religions." Why not, then, form an "International Peace Force " ?-