12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 3

A Great Zionist The dinner given to Dr. Chaim Weizmann

on Monday was a tribute most justly due. As President of the Zionist Organization for fifteen years, Dr. Wcizmann has borne the burden of long and difficult negotiations with successive British Governments, with his own extremists behind him chafing at his invariable moder- ation. The balance between Jew and Arab in Palestine has been hard enough to hold as it is, but it would have been substantially harder if Zionism had been represented by. a spokesman concerned to exaggerate differences instead of minimizing them. Dr. Weizmann's conver- sations with a Cabinet Committee after the publication of the Palestine White Paper prevented an open breach between Great Britain and the Zionist. movement through- out the world. His declaration on Monday for an understanding between Jews and Arabs on a basis numerical of parity reflects his consistent desire for peace in Palestine, but will hardly commend itself to the Arabs.

* * * *