12 DECEMBER 1931, Page 34

The many admirers of Mr. Russell Flint's etching will be

grateful to the Studio for adding him to their list of Modern Masters of Etching " (Modern Masters of Etching, by W. Russell Flint, A.R.A. With an introduction by Malcolm C. Salomon. The Studio, Ltd., 5s.). Mr. Russell Flint, always distinguished as a painter and illustrator, has only taken to etching seriously with the last decade and his published prints command justly a wide popularity for their sensitiveness and luminous charm. This book contains an excellent intro- duction to the painter's mastery of the upper plate by Mr. Malcolm C. Salomon and the twelve plates in photogravure do full justice to the original prints. The series starts with Mr. Russell Flint's first published print, " A Spanish Christen- ing " and includes such well-known examples of his work as Gleaming Sands " and " Slippery Steps."

* * * *