12 FEBRUARY 1859, Page 11



Business in the English and Foreign Markets has been active although of an unsettled character all the week. The first quotations in the Funds showed an advance upon Saturday of about per cent, mainly owing to the severe reaction which had occurred in French Rentes on the Paris Bourse— Consols were 951 1 for Money, and the February Account, and 951 1 for March ; this figure was well supported until shortly before the arrival of the Emperor's speech, the market then receded to 95 1. The immediate result of the speech, however, was an improvement again of / per cent; a purchase of 100,000/. in Consols during the day only had a temporary effect in im- parting firmness, sales were pressed on the market and prices closed heavily. .Arrangements for the settlement on Tuesday also tended to the depression in quotations, money was likewise in somewhat increased demand, but at almost former rates. Up to today the fluctuations have averaged 1 and # per cent every day, and the tendency has been towards a gradual recovery in values all round. The lowest point reached in Consols was 84k sellers for March, and the last today is 951 4; showing a difference only of 4 from the opening on Monday. Bank Stock is 227 229 and India Debentures 981f. The Govern- ment Broker has made his usual daily purchase of 20,000/. in New and Re- duced on behalf of the Savings Banks, the prices are for both Stocks, 951 961. In the Foreign Stock Market the principal feature has been an advance in Peruvian of 3 per cent, attributable to the statement of a probable con- version of the various securities into one stock ; the final prices are in the Four-and-a-half per Cents, 93 94 ; Ditto Three per Cents, 731 741; Ditto, Uribarren, 84 86; Ditto, Dollar Bonds, 82 84; Venezuela Active, 431 441. The New Austrian Loan has likewise been dealt in to some extent, the quotation at one time reaching 11 premium, a reaction has taken place, and the scrip is now only 1 preraium ; this is the last day for receiving applications for the Loan. Chilian Scrip is as low as 3 2 discount ; Turkish stock shows some considerable fluctuations ; the New Six per Cents are now 76 761 and the scrip of the second issue 646 discount ; Mexican, 191 204; Sardinian, 79 81; Victor Emmanuel, 88 90; Portuguese, 46 464; Spanish, 44 45; Venezuela Deferred, 171 171. The numerous transactions in English Railways this week have led to a decided improvement in the value of nearly all the leadinng stocks. The fortnightly settlement has not interfered with the steady investments, which continue to be made, as also speculative purchases for the end of the month. Great Western closes 4 per cent higher, 56 4; Midland shows an advance of more than 1 per cent, 102 1024; London and North-Western have risen 2 per cent' leaving off 96 961 ; London and South-Western, 951 951 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 96961; North British, 621621 ; Caledonian has also improved # per share, and closes 43 431; Sheffield, 38 38%; Great Northern, 261 ; and Brighton, 108k 1091. Foreign Railways have likewise improved materially; this always of course in sympathy with the condition of the markets in Paris. Lombardo-Venetian is quoted k 1 premium for the Old shares, and 5-16 7-16 for the New ; Paris and Lyons, 324 33/, and Northern of France, 361 371; prices are at advanced rates all round, but there is a slight ten- dency to dulness at the close.