12 FEBRUARY 1859, Page 11

One of the most distinguished leaders of the Free-trade party

is re- ported to have received, just before Sir Robert Peel's change of action, a severe remonstrance from a friend, for showing signs of surrender, in ex- pressing a desponding doubt of success. A case very similar is now re- ported to us by a correspondent. Avowals have been heard that there is no expectation of carrying Mr. Bright's bill this session ; and these avowals are ascribed to the usual authority in such cases,—" the last man we should have supposed capable of such a thing." We arc bound to say that this last man is not Mr. Bright himself.

Mr. Whiteside was yesterday elected, without opposition, Member for the University of Dublin.

Mr. Orrell Lever was returned yesterday for Galway without oppo- sition. Messrs. Howard and Dawson, of Manchester, were present on the hustings, and addressed the electors, promising that before long cot- ton-mills would be at work on the banks of Lough Corrib.