12 FEBRUARY 1859, Page 4

itt (Curt 'THE QUEEN has taken out-door exercise with her

usual constancy-. On Thursday, the anniversary of her marriage, the band of the Life Guards played on the East Terrace at day-break. In the evening her Majesty gave a concert to which many distinguished persons were invited. The Princess Frederick William and her son are so far recovered that no more medical bulletins will be issued. The Duchess of Kent has given a juve- nile ball at Frogmore in honour of the birth of her first great grandchild.

The Prince Consort has inspected ten horses recently presented to the Queen by the Sultan of MOTOCCO. The list of guests at Windsor Castle includes the names of the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort, the Earl of Carlisle, Mr. Labouchere and Lady Mary Labouchere, and Lord and Lady Rokeby.