12 FEBRUARY 1960, Page 17

A DVANCED MOTORING SIR,-1 was delighted to see Gavin Lyall's attack

on the insurance companies who refuse to grant per- centage reductions to members of the Institute of Advanced Motoring. I am both an undergraduate and a sports-car driver, and so bracketed with 'dangerous drivers,' or, as they put it, 'bad risks.'

A few months ago I was negotiating an insurance Policy with a firm of brokers, not one of the ones you entioned, but one of the largest motor-car insurers In the country. After many preliminary skirmishes I asked whether I would get any reduction if I took and Passed the advanced motoring test. This was their

reply : . we would advise you that although

there is a scheme with premium reduction for per- sons who have passed the Advanced Motorist Test, the Underwriters are the same as those who insure you at the present and they would not accept an undergraduate under this cover.' (My italics.)—Yours faithfully, Christ Church, Oxford DAVID DIMBLEBY