12 JANUARY 1839, Page 3

ebt Probintut.

The Bristol Whigs assembled on Monday at a. public dinner to Mr. Berkeley, their Member. Mr. J. G. Smith, chairman, eulogized tho Whig Ministers. Captain 13erkehey defended Lord Mint() against Sir James Graham's attacks ; and maintained that the only difficulty of sending an efficient thet to sea arose from the mismanagement of Sir James Grillam himself and his Tory predecessors, Lord Segrave ap- plauded Ministers and abused Lord Brougham. rr. Berkeley, M.P., spoke in favour of the Ballot ; and his speech scenic to have been the only exception to the otherwise entire Whiggery of the party.

The following letter from Is: rd. Durham to the Mayor of Hull, contain- ing his reasons for not innuoliately naming a day for the intended en- tertainment of the Town-Council to their !lig]; Steward, appears in the Hull newspapers. It will he sei.,n that Lord Durham also uses the opportunity to slate the nature of his present occupations, and of the Parliamentary business \thief' will claim his earliest attentbm in the ensuing session.

" ciovelana ln It tunary IS39. " Sir—I have the honoar to aeknowledee the r,e.

1)0 miler vilut:,tilig me to twine a day %rhea 1 c 'C., • tho I•ioailire 01• with the 'roya.C,roled mat the iultabltants and :Mlle:III,: as lone a previous Mlle,. ail rUSAibilli it Will III. I1111/, ',Ode for me to absent nly,lr from loio.'• meetilic id' in ilte hillowiug reasons, the Weight of whieli 1 I'M nt tain yoa approciate, One of the most important, of my ilutirs in Canada nos to prepare, as her Nfit- josty's I high Cononiirsioner, a report ■ot the blate ut oor North :tal.ole,to coholio, This task, altlicie.d: nearly performed. remit his to lo• no delay. Tim o ri•port will mos of c‘iilenee relation I those ulo' ilh it wry fad representation id dna I lt,Iiev I:, mu I' 1„,,o1 the caases, pabt and prt,111, of 1 hi, 1,111.4r,,y ,,ine tlit•In. It ninth ■tiggesliolo of it plat. of c,i• ornitioet for the future, based on lii Oil,, I nvtitiol on the spd, embodied in tho repot, ao :11,1 iiiIvrerilit of the several r and communities, :••iiiijcios ago,. British (•row To ill tOni (01.:Clo• of the empire. YIIII viii instil,. understood that the compholou of :his ar.loons task, toz:dlier

with the ocii,:bary prep:IF:ohms our ng the suhicet i if Con:olio:1 affairs before the

11mise of Lords, ,ligiigos, till. Oh' N\1101, nly time, and will uot, in fact.


hull I ;Tare before the II:piling or Parliament. "Itt hese circumstances, 1 feel that 1 shall host rec oicilo Illy 111114I0 ,1111I,', ;I' private Melinations, it' 1poapaae yeeei, inn,i mh, mark of bononr and respect

lat,r lite ili,ntlnnO , I* PnE:1:1111,:lt, Will% tile 110

utvin,ni\ 11111,1 hf the day nhicli 1 11::y s' ■1■‘,1, to appoint. " romitio. :•-••r, your olaioiol and hut]: ii:] "the or of Boll, ac.'

ni 1" A Very lining address froin worki.es insn assembled at Houghton-Is--

Spring, in the county of Duelhon, to the Earl of INirbain, has been sent to us. It is Writtvii in ru ..arnesi and manly, but not disrespectful tone 1111,1 sets forth lhe '"I mint'' for 1.7-niN ersal Suffrage, in opposition

to llousenoi,1 whIell Lord Durham supports. Very discordant statements of the number of pc.sons at the nftetio:.t which voted the address tire before us'. one correspondent sa3s " between four and live thousatid "—another makes it " less than two bemired I."

A large Fifty of Kiddermileder Tories gave Mr. Richard Godson a

dinner on 1Vednesda v. Mr. Godson's speech is reported at great length in the 'finks t•Itis morning. It consisled chiefly of attacks on the Ministry. Mr. Godson ventered a defence of the Corn-laws, on the old ground that they kept up wages as well as the price of bread ; but he did not dwell upon this subject.

On 'Thursday, the Bishop of Exeter presided at a numerous meeting of the supporters of education in connexion with the Establishment. The report of the Exeter Diocesan Board of Education was adopted. The chief speakers were the Bishop, the Earl of Devon, and Mr. A eland.