12 JANUARY 1839, Page 7


The Duke of Wellington has been sibs htly indisposed, at Smithfield- tea ye which has prevented his Grace from hunting, as usual, at Hart- ford Bridge, with Sir John Cope's or the Vine hounds. His Grace, it is understood, will remain at Stratblieldsaye until the meeting of Parlia- ment : having relinquished his lism cmiii, mm of visiting the Duke of Rut- land and other noble friends this season.—.Essniny It is said that the extensive preparations being made st A shburnhant Rouse are for the lassie ion of an illustrious member of the Imperial Family, who is expected in March. Count Pozzo di ilorir will not be in the US pellse, Which will amount to several thousands:. Two splendid carriames are beiug built for Ids Excelleacy. Every thing is to be com- pleted-by the 1st of March.—Murniny Post. [More indications of a brilliant season.]

It is supposed that time eccentric 3Ir.Cresselt Pelham, formerly Mem-

ber lime Shropshire, died in Angnst last, at the Mauritius. Ile was known to have made a voyage to the East Indies with the intention of visiting the Mauritius ; and the death of' a Mr. Pelham is announced in the Asiatic Journal for the month.

The Doetor Thompson who was mentioned in the inquest upon the late Mrs. Maclean and alluded. to in the Courier as the friend and. physician of poor L. E. L., has published a haler in that journal, stating, on the part of himself and his druggist, that there was no hydrocianic (prussic) acid in Ow medicine-chest which they had nnitually stored for the use of the lamented lady. I)r. Thompson sends a list of au-hat the chest did contain, which the Courier does not publish, but which are suggest it would much satisfy the world fig publishing, especially as the poi, on \V hi Ch So finally deprived us of et popular favouriie has been de- signated by other namucs than that of' prussic acid.--.3/erniny Post.