12 JANUARY 1839, Page 7

The capital authorized to be raised for making railarays, under

acts passed in tile t'our sessions of 18:3:3, 1834,1835, and 1836, was 29,000,0001; and the ,•,7inemte of' those for which bills were petitioned in 1837 was 31,tunt,ittloil. The debts due maul turnpike-roads in Englaud and Wales amount to upwards of eight millions and a half ; for a great portion of which a very fragile security will reinuin when railways (if ever) come into full operation.---Canbc.

A summary of' the number of vessels actually composing the French Navy is given by the Mthaorial Bordelais. here are actually afloat 281 vessels of war of all kinds,—viz. 24 ships of the line, 37 fri- gates, 22 corvettes, 8 corvettes-avisos, 49 brigs, 74 small vessels, schooners, cutters, gun-boats, Ste. 15 transport-corvettes, 24 transports, and 29 steamers. There are 27 ships of the line and 26 frigates build- ing, without reckoning smaller vessels, Three frigates are careening at different ports, and nine steamers are in course of construction.

The Queen of the Belgians arrived on Sunday morning at the Tuile- ries. According to the Nonvellible, it is the intention of her Majesty to proceed to Pisa, accompanied by the Princess illementine.—Gulig-

The communication between Pestle and Buda is at present much in- terrupted by the state of the Danube, which is covered by floating ice. The new bridge is much desired, and the Imperial sanction for its esta blishment anxiously looked for.

A letter from Havannah, published in the Standard of last night, says— Doubtless it must create no small sensation in England, as it does here, tJ learn that the British flag has been unpardonably insulted by the French squa- dron at Mexico firing upon the Sheldrakc packet, she having at the time her ensign and pendant distinctly flying. It is also an unpardonable fact, that only one British man-of-war has been ordered to Mexico, where at present a large French squadron is at anchor.

"Captain W. P. Wallis, commanding the Madagascar frigate, of 46 guns, is directed to leave this anchorage immediately, in order to protect the guns, interest at Mexico. This gallant and distinguished officer will, no doubt, promptly demand a satisfactory explanation for the degradation offered to that flag which he has already so often and so nobly defended, and which the French have hitherto been taught to fear and respect.

"The only men-of-war now here are the Madagascar and the Comus, Eng- lish; with two American frigates, the Boston and the Ontario."

By a recent explosion of the boilers of the steam-boat Augusta, in the Mississippi, five persons were killed and fifteen wounded.