12 JANUARY 1839, Page 7

We understand that several persons, who vote uniformly with .

Ministers, and who are in a position to obtain good Ministerial informa- 4 . ti011, have been within the last week giving directions which imply that t they consider a general election at no great distance. What is the - ground of this expectation, or whether the dissolution is contemplated as an act of' the present or of another Administratbm. we are not in a condition to state ; but that there is among Ministerial Members an idea. of the probability of a new election within a few months, we can state as a positive fact.—Morning Nst.

Standard also surges the Tories to prepare. " Let us suppose a case which, though of course it is not certain to occur, inay possibly oeeur—the ease of a general election in the spring. Are the Conserva- tives prepared for such at case ? As tar as the registrations go, no doubt they are stronger than they have ever been since the passing of the Reform Bill : they have the force but are they prepared to bring that force into thefield with effect, say in March or April, Have they can- vassed the mnItitudes whose former votes would cause theism to be set down with Whigs and Radicals, but who db;gusacd, as all honest and intelligent mem are, with 1Vhiggery and echo, would gladly join our ranks upon tlw first honourable and respectful invitation ? Have thy. ConservatiVes their canvassing committees organized for activity?— in short, am they writhe, Once snore we remind them, that there may be a call for their exertions before the end of the year. We do not pretend to have any authority for giving this Nvarnim■.; WC merely t. ctia3allitecslu,cle (as we advise all others to conclude) from time signs of the-1