12 JANUARY 1839, Page 8



On the 6th inst., the Countess of ARRAN, of a son. On the 30th Dee., at Woodside, Lymingtou, Hants, the Lady of WH,LIAM W. Boone, Esq., of a daughter. On the 7th inst., in Camden Place, Bath, the Lady of MYNORE BASICEVILLE, Esq., of Clyro Court, Radnorshire, of a son and heir. On the 7th inst., at Hawford, the Lady of Captain CHARLES PEARSON, of a daughter.


On the 7th inst., at St. James's. Westminster, CARLISLE ROWLAND Enamovos, Esq., second son of Sir Thomas Massey Stanley. Bart., of Hootan Cheshire, to Amu.. eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir John Macdonald, Adjutant-General of the Forces. At St. James's Westminster, Hminv, second son of James Stanbrough, Esq., of Isle- worth. to MANLEY EMILY ISABELLA MATHILDE, youngest daughter of Henry Frederick do Wolmaar, Esq., of Bombay.

On the 3d inst., at Bruxelles, Count Loots VANDERHURCH, to ENNA, eldest daughter of J. B. Lonsader, Esq.

On the 20th of Dec., at the Chapel of the British Consulate, Genoa, GILBERT FAR. GUIIAR GRAIME MATHISON, Et01., to ELIZA GERTRUPE, eldest daughter of Captain Gall- wey, R.N., her Majesty's Consul at Naples. On the 24th of October last, at Lachine Grove, Lower Canada, ARCHIBALD PEWN,, Esq., of Upper Canada, to CATHERINE, eldest daughter of E. P: Wilgross, Esq., late Royal Artillery. On the 5th inst., at Bohm. Northumberland. the Rev. ANDREW Connell', Rector of Smith Willingham, Lincoln, to MARIANNE, fourth daughter of the late Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart., of Blagdon, Northumberland..

On the 5th inst., at St. Mary's Church, Cheltenham, the Rev. F. A. MURRAY PAITEN. of Eastham, in the county of Meath, to ELIZABETH, eldest surviving (taught r of the late Lieut.-Gen. Laye, of the Royal Artillery,


On the 14th of Dec., at her residence, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, the Mar- quise PB WILLYORD, in her 71st year. On the 29th Dec., at his residence, Park Place, Stoke, the Rev. JOHN STRODE Four, of Torr, near Plymouth, and Vicar of Liskeard. Cornwall, in his 90th year. On the 7th inst., in Kensington Square, BATHSHEBA, the Widow of HENRY PENNY, Esq., in her 90th year. On the 2d inst., at Tottenham, 3suss Powssm., Esq., in his 96th year ; and on the 4th, ELIZABETH. his Wife, in her 89th year. At Waterford, SIMON LAUPHIER, Esil.. M.D., in his 87th year. At Ramsgate, SARAH, Relict of George T. Hardy, Esq., of St. Lawrence, Thanet, in her 83d year.

At Perth, Miss Cnsar,orre Ksox, iu her 8211 year, lineally descended from a brother of the great Reformer John Knox-William, the tirst Protestant minister of Cockpen.