12 JANUARY 1839, Page 8



The favourable state of the revenue produced a momentary impression on the Money Market; and an improvement of per cent, in the prices of Eng-

lish Stock occurred on Monday morning. That impulse has not been sup- ported ; and the prices to-day are the same as at the close of last week. The various Stocks, the Dividends upon which became due on the 6th instant, are

now open for private transfer; but this circumstance has not caused any great addition to the business of the Stock Exchange, which has been on the usually limited scale. Bank and India Stock continue steady ; and India Bonds and Exchequer Bills remain stationary, the former at 63, and the latter at 66 to 613 prem. Although there is a surplus revenue on the quarter, the annual ex- penditure is beyond the receipts ; and consequently there is not any sum appli- cable to the reduction of the National Debt during the current quarter : a notice to this effect has been issued from the Treasury.

In the Foreign Market, the business transacted has been chiefly confined to Portuguese Stock ; which has continued in good demand at the prices of last week. Spanish Stock has also supported the prices of Saturday last ; and was at one time 1 per cent, above them, viz. 171: but it has declined to-day, in consequence of a depression of 1 per cent. in Paris, and is at our last week's prices, 171 The hope of a change of Ministry in France is much weakened ; and the speculation in Spanish Stock, to which that belief gave rise, seems to have ceased.

The European Continental Stocks continue firm. Brazilian Stock has been steady between 771 and 78. The other South American Securities are in de-

mand ; Colombian being 28, and Peruvian and Buenos Ayres Stock, both of which have lain dormant for some time, being again inquired after, and c anent, the former from 16 to 17, and the latter from 18 to 20. Mexican are also about I per cent. higher.

In the Railway Share Market, the business has been chiefly confined to the Great Western; which have improved about 31.; the decision of the meet1ng held recently, by which it has been determined to complete the line upon the present gauge and according to Mr. BRUNEL'S original plan, being considered favourable by the shareholders.

3 per Cent. Consols ..ex div. 934 Brazilian 5 per Cents

771 8

Ditto for Account 944 It Danish 3 per Cents 754 3 per Cent. Reduced 934 Dutch 25 par Cents Hi t New tit per Cent. Ann. 1004 #

Prirtuguese Regency Spur Uts.


Bank Stock. 203 Ditto 3 per Cent 214 4 India Stock

Russian (1822) 5 per Cent.... 1121 113 Ditto Bonds 65 Spanish (1835) 5 per Cent.... 174 # Exchequer Bills 66 8 pm Deferred Stock

71 1

Belgian 5 per Cents 994 I Passive Ditto 34 4 SATURDAY, TwErits o'CLoor.

Consols are A per cent. higher this morning, and all the English Funds have improved in the same degree. India Bonds are 65s. prem., being an advance of 2s. on yesterday's price. In the Foreign Market, prices are the same as yester- day. South American Securities are without variation. Columbian 271 8; Buenos Ayres, 17 19; Peruvian 17 18; Mexican are also unchanged, viz. 24 to 1. Little business has occurred in the Railway Shares, which are steady at the following prices—London and Birmingham 77 to 79 prem.; Ditto Quarter Shares 24 to 25 prem.; Croydon 13 1 ; Greenwich 161 17; Southamp- ton 441 51 per share ; Great 'Western 14 to 15 prem.