12 JANUARY 1839, Page 8

We are informed by a correspondent, on whose accuracy we

have much reliance, and who resides near the spot, that a meeting of Tories recently took place at Clamber; that Sir ROBERT PEEL was invited and attended, this being the first time that Sir Ronmer and the Duke of NEWCASTLE have met since the grand quarrel about Catholic relief; that this visit was got up as public evidence of a reconciliation, and was attended by all the Nottinghamshire Tory Dukes, Peers, Vis- counts, and leading persons. Our correspondent does not give the date of the meeting, but confidently avers that it ended in an alliance, offensive and defensive, between PEEL and the Ultra Tories, against all Reform. If this is true, STANLEY, GRAHAM, MELBOURNE, and SPRING RICE may whistle for a Whig-Tory coalition,—that is, of men; for have they not already a coalition for principles and measures, even more conducive to their Anti-Reform purposes than if the MEI,BOURNE cheats were turned out ? How long the Whig-Tory Government may last, is certainly a different question ; but for the present, every Tory, not wanting a place himself, should be perfectly satisfied.