12 JULY 1873, Page 2

For some reason which we entirely fail to understand, all

the- details of a duel between M. Paul de Cassagnac and M. Ranc have been flashed by Renter over Europe. The combatants had been engaged in a sharp literary war, when M. Ranc- strengthened an article with an accusation of cowardice, and. after some unexplained delays, the two editors fought with swords in the Luxembourg territory. They were about equally matched, and each received a wound in the sword arm, M. Ranc's being the most severe. After that they both remained exactly- as they were, M. de Cassagnac an able Imperialist editor, with much too strong a penchant for duelling ; and M. Rune an able Liberal, with too strong a penchant for insurrection as a political weapon.