12 JULY 1873, Page 2

The first Massacre of the Innocents has been completed. On.

Monday night Mr. Gladstone gave notice that he saveno prospect- in this Session of the attention being given to Mr. Lowe's Bank- Notes Bill which it would require. It is therefore withdrawn, and as it has been heartily condemned all round, it is not likely to. reappear. The Building Societies Bill, the Prevention of Crime Bill, and the Bill for establishing Public Prosecutors, are also. withdrawn. Mr. Stansfeld also withdrew the Consolidated Rate Bill, leaving only the Rating Bill to be carried through in his department. There must be further slaughter yet before the file is cleared, and it is reported that several Bills, including the Education Act Amendment Bill, can only be passed as to their unopposed clauses. Everything, however, depends upon the passing of the Judicature Bill.