12 JULY 1873, Page 2

The Select Committee on the Game Laws have presented their

report, the main proposals of which are these. Day poaching- should cease to be a crime, but the owner should have a right of warning a trespasser, and if he persists, in applying to the Courts to prevent him under penalties. Rabbits should cease to be game, but eggs of game should become property, protected like any other_ Even night poachers should be fined at the discretion of the magis- tratesinstead of imprisoned, and cumulative penalties are abolished. It is certain that these remedies will not please preservers, and we doubt if they will please those who complain of game. Any -strict trespass law would be unendurable, whether in England or Scotland, while the law as to night poaching is relaxed till it may become a stimulus to burglary. What the farmers want is that ground game shall be vermin, to be killed by anybody anywhere, after which they will protect the flying game for their landlords.