12 JULY 1873, Page 23

Bush - Fighting. By Major-General Sir James E. Alexander, K.C.T.S., F.R.S.E. (Sampson

Low and Co.)—" ' Bush-fighting ' is a comprehensive -term for warfare conducted in forests, in broken ground, and on the hill- side. Wherever cover can be got, in attack and defence, under the -canopy of heaven, there bush-fighting can be practised, and it is highly useful to practise it as a part of the army manoeuvres. Wiry and active -men, of sound constitutions, are best adapted for bash-fighters." With the exception of its first chapter, of which these are the opening sentences, Major-General Alexander's book is completely technical, and devoid of general interest. It records the number of regiments which were engaged in the Maori war, the regulars and colonials, introducing the name of every officer, non-commissioned

officer, or private, sentinel, soldier, or seaman who was mentioned in any despatch or report of a creditable action ; it contains minute par- ticulars of the actions and incidents of the war, but it has no attrac- tions of style, nothing to redeem the dullest kind of dullness, that of dry, technical military details.