12 JULY 1873, Page 3

The Cholera is certainly at Venice, and in what is

deprecat- ingly termed a " sporadic " form at Vienna, where eight fatal cases had occurred at the beginning of the week. There, how- 'ever, it is not termed cholera, but "a disease of the intestines common in Southern Europe at this time of year,"—a much less alarming thing for those who don't suffer from it, but pretty much the same for those who do, inasmuch as the fatal cases appear to have proved fatal in a very few hours. Apparently, 'however, it is not as yet spreading in Vienna, and the Viennese seem to hope that the sufferers mostly picked it up on their way thither, and not in the Austrian capital itself. There is this comfort for those who fear cholera, that during the last few months, instead of marching on fixed lines, it has gone dropping about, both in Europe and America, after an uncertain and .capricious fashion, which renders it quite likely that it may wanish in a moment even from a place where it has broken out, 'though of course there is no positive guarantee that it may not also drop out of the sky in a moment on a place to which it was not previously even near. At present, Dantzic, Vienna, Venice, and Galatz, on the Lower Danube, seem to be its only advanced pickets in Europe.