12 JULY 1873, Page 3

There is scarcely any news from Spain, but it is

evident that the Irreconcilables are cowed. The Government has massed 9,000 troops and 4,000 Guardia Civile in Madrid, and the Irre- concilables are not prepared to face them. The real danger now is in the great cities, which are fast asserting independence, but this has before occurred in Spanish annals without producing much effect. If S. Pi y Margall can rule the two Castiles he can rule Spain, but we must admit that the Spanish Lamartine, S. Castelar, speaks disconsolately, as though nothing but a revival of an extinct loyalty ta Spain could save the country. The July Coupon is not paid, and up to Friday night Senor Carbajal's plan for redeeming the finance had not reached England. It is believed to comprise sacrifices the Cortes will never accept. The best sign of the hour is that the Premier himself seems con- fideet, and the worst, that he has allowed his Minister of the Colonies to suppress by telegraph the "God be with you" usual at the end of Spanish despatches. Sefior Cap de Vila objects to recognise the Deity even in a form, which is honest for him, but not for him as representative of Spain.