12 JULY 1873, Page 3

Who shall say that the calm simplicity of the soldier,

which 'Thackeray so often tried to describe, has departed from among us? Lord De Kos on Monday rose to complain that in the examination at Woolwich "Romeo and Juliet" was one of the subjects for -examination, of which he greatly disapproved, as being decidedly not calculated for young men. He next objected to Chaucer, not on the same , ground, but because it would inspire distaste in youngsters, who saw in it no practical utility ; and finally, noticed the " Areopagitica," which puzzled him immensely. ." He had heard of the Areopagus as a tribunal, but could not imagine what the Areopagitica could be, until he found in a dictionary that it was a trial fer homicide conducted by twelve gods and goddesses" ! Poor dear Milton and his grand sentences ! We dare say Lord De Roe, like Lord Palmerston on a similar -occasion, would frankly acknowledge that he was born in the pre-education period,—but then officers of that specialty should -avoid criticisms on the curriculum of Woolwich.