12 JULY 1890, Page 2

Great is British energy with dividends in sight ! The

Servians are dependent on their trade in pigs, and the Austrian Government from time to time coerces them by forbidding the import of swine across the Hungarian frontier. The Government of Belgrade seeks release from this "slavery," and a British firm has offered to kill and cure any number of pigs up to 300,000 a year, so that they may be exported all over the world as bacon, vict Salonica. The Government has accordingly given the firm, Marshall and Co., ground for its buildings, and an exemption for a term of years from all duties. It is a bold speculation, and may possibly affect the Irish Question, for Servian bacon should be cheap ; but then, is it nice to eat P Servian pigs are razor-backed beasts, and get little to eat except acorns and any roots they find in the forest. Our pigs also were like that once ; but we rather doubt whether the modern eaters of bacon would be content with meat such as seemed agreeable to Gurth, or his master Cedric.