12 JULY 1890, Page 25

In" The Polytechnic Series," we have Forty Lessons in Carpentry

Workshop Practice. By Charles F. Mitchell. Revised by George Campion Pope. (Cassell and Co.)—Both author and editor are teachers at that most useful place, the Polytechnic Institute. Every lesson is appropriately illustrated.—In "Gale and Polden's Military Series," we have How to Improve the Shooting in the Ranks, by "Marksman." (Gale and Polden, Chatham.)—Two useful volumes may be mentioned. The first is The Principles of Assessment, by "A Solicitor" (Rate and Taxpayers' Protection Association), described as "A Concise and Practical Guide to the Valuation of Property for Rating Purposes;" and the second, The Way to Prove a Will and to Take out Letters of Administration, by Almarie Ramsey (John Hogg).