12 JULY 1957, Page 17


SIR,—I am very glad that Taper, whose political commentary is much admired here, was able to derive such benefit from his six months' course at Pitman's College. He must certainly have been a star pupil!

However, he ought to be informed that Mr. Harris ceased to be Principal (that is what we 'call it.' —What would Taper prefer?) four years ago.

He might also like to know that men and women, and even girls and boys, fraternise quite openly in our new cafeteria and that both sexes come in through the same doors. If Taper would like to call on us we should be glad to give him hospitality and show him our new building. We have a high-fidelity record player, too, and we now enjoy music (not Gow's, but very good).—Yours faithfully,

M. V. CREHAN, Principal Pitman's College. 154 Southampton Row, WC I