12 JULY 1957, Page 17

SIR,—You say in your footnote to my letter in today's

Spectator, concerning the discovery of the bodies of Beryl and Geraldine Evans : 'If Miss Jesse will consult a pathologist not employed by the Home Office she will find that I am certainly not over- stating the case.'

I cannot imagine why you would rather trust the opinion of any pathologist who was not there than the word of the Home Office pathologist who was. And Dr. Donald Teare told me today that I can certainly quote him as saying that there was no smell from the wash-house and none from the bodies found there until they were taken out and opened up for examination.

Dr. Teare was there; I was not and nor was Mr. Ian Gilmour.—Yours faithfully,


Pear Tree Cottage, 11 Melina Place, St. John's Wood, NW8