12 JULY 1957, Page 18


SIR,—I have seen the reference to our Council in the paragraph in your issue of July 5 concerning the new organisation 'Justice.' From what I have read of the purpose of this body, it would not appear to be a society working in the same field as our- selves. I understand it is specifically an organisation of lawyers concerned with issues in any part of the world in which lawyers as such would have a specific interest. The National Council for Civil Liberties is a body which has within its ranks mem- bers of any profession and calling, and operates to defend and extend civil liberties on British territory or in matters in which British interests are directly involved. It is not affiliated to any political organi- sation and is not under the influence of any political party.—Yours faithfully,

The National Council for Civil Liberties, 46 Westbourne Grove, W2

[Pharos writes: 'The phrase I used was "Commun- ist influence." On the executive committee of the council there are three known Communists and ten others who are associated with organisations which have been proscribed by the Labour Party.'—Editor, Spectator.]