12 JULY 1957, Page 39


'Remember ole Bill that lived near Church 'Ouse?

'im an' Torn Jones went in partnership repo :tin' property. Bill was a brickie an' Tom a carpenter. Tom got on the Council an' in them days committees was 'eld whenever they took the notion. Bill an' Tom started pointiii the big chimney stack at the corner, Tom 'eld the ladder while Bill got up to the chimney, but never lashed it to the lower one. After a while Tom remembered a committee. "I got to go. Bill," 'e said. "Back a'dinnertime " I was paintin' near by an' thought I 'card somebody shoutin' round about one o'clock but couldn't make out who it was or where it come from. About 'alf past three, when Bill was dancin' mad an' frothin' at

the mouth. Tom comes back. Just remembered, 'c 'ad. "What's up?" 'e asks, soft-like. "'Old that ladder so

I can get down!" yells Bill. Down 'e comes with 'alf a bucket of mortar an' puts the lot right over Tom's 'cad. That finished the partnership. Bill the Bucket 'e was called after that!'