12 JUNE 1830, Page 10


THE sport at these races has been excellent, but the meeting was, as might be expected, a dull one. The company at Ascot has of late years been attracted even less by the running, though that has been first-rate, than by the presence of the Sovereign. The King's extreme love of retire- ment rendered even a passing glimpse of his person a matter of interest ; but at Ascot, his assembled subjects were gratified with a near and deli- berate view of their Monarch. Few spectacles were more spirit-stirring than the advance of the Royal carriage up the race-course, with its gay and glittering train of attendants, amidst the waving of the fair hands and the smiles of the radiant faces of half the titled beauty of England, and the deep prolonged hurrah of a hundred thousand of its masculine population. It is not wonderful, therefore, that on the present occasion, notwithstanding the anxious wish of the dying Sovereign that his people should not be deprived of their enjoyments because he could no longer participate in them, the melancholy and deserted aspect of the Royal stand should shed a damp on the company, and that many of those who had been the foremost in their attendance should abstain from visiting the course. The following list of fashionables is a very short one, com- pared with what Ascot used to exhibit :-

fluke of Grafton, Duke of Leeds. Duke and Duchess of Richmond, Duke of Port- land, Duke of Rutland, Marquis of Graham, Marquis of Cleveland, Marquis of Clanricarde, Marquis of Worcester. Marquis of Tavistock, Marquis and Marchioness of Exeter, Lord Normanby, Lord and Lady Maryborough, Lord Jersey, Lord Anson, Lord Durham, Lord Sefton and family, Lord Uxbridge, Lord Cavendish, Lord G. Bentinck, Lord Ranelagh, Lord H. Bentinck, Lord Mountcharles, Lord Jersey, Lord Wilton, Lord J. Fitzroy, Lord F. Cecil, Lord Warwick, Lord Chesterfield, Lord C. Manners, Lord C. Somerset, Lord Lowther, Count Idontrond, Hon. Col. Anson, Hon. Capt. Rous, Col. Russell, Col. Udny, Col. Standen, Col. Clinton, Sir J. Shelley, Sir Si. Wood, Sir I). Baird, Col. Peel, Col. Crawford, Col. Clifton ; Messrs. D. Radcliffe, Payne, Holyoake, Byng, Hangerford, J. Mills, F. Mills, Peyote, Dowdeswell, Stanley, Hunter, Rush, Benson, and Bulkeley.

Tuesday, June 8. Match—I00 sovs, each, h. ft. Old Mile. Lord Mountcharles's Coronet, 5 yrs. Sat. 51b...... ....... . 1

Mr. W. Day's Augur, 4 yrs. 8st. .... ..... 2

Even Betting—Coronet made all the running, and, although pressed close at the finish, was never headed, winning his match by a neck only, rode by G. Nelson— Augur by C. Day. The Oatlands Stakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft. for all ages. Two miles and a-half. Mr. Cooper's Merman, 4 yrs. 7st. 41b......... . 1 His Majesty's tlindostan, 5 yrs. fist. 71b... ........ ....... 2 Lord Worcester's Maresfield, 6 yrs. fist. 91b......... ........ 3 Captain G. Bulkeley's Bustle, 3 yrs. 6st. 41b 4 Duke of Portland's Theban, 4 yrs. 8st.... 5 Mr. Cosby's Masaniello, 5 yrs. Sat. 21b... ... . 6 Won easy by three lengths. 5 paid forfeit-2 to I agst. Merman, 7 to 2 agst. Theban, 4 to 1 agst. Maresfield, to 1 agst. Hindostan. Sweepstakes of 100 cove, each, h. ft., colts Sat. 71b. ; the winner of the 2000 to carry 51b. extra ; of the Derby 7th. extra ; untried stallions or mares allowed 31b. Old Mile. Mr. Cbifney's Priam (71b. extra) ........... . ...... I Lord Ca.vendish's Mouse colt 2 Lord Exeter's Mahtnoud . ... 3

Fifteen others were frightened out of the field by the mere terror of Priam's name. It was what jockeys term a " short-run race." Priam got off first, but Sam Day in- stantly drew back, and let Mahmoud take the lead, Mouse lying third—they main- tained their respective places till just past the betting-stand, when Priam made a slight increase in the speed, Mouse at the same time getting up to Mahmoud ; the rest of the ground afforded a pretty race for second between Mahmoud and Mouse (which the latter won by a head only) ; but Priam in three or four strides gave them a second edition of his Derby running, and, with nine stone on his back, won by a length, with perfect ease to himself. Value of the Stakes, 1050/. Including the win- ner's His Majesty's Plate of 100gs., for 4 years, lOst. 71b.; 5 years, list, 71b. ;

6 years, list. 121b.; and aged, I2st. Four Miles.

Lord Warwick's Merman, 4 yrs. ........ ........ ..... 1

Lord Mountcharles's Gayhurst, 4 yrs. ....... ..... ... 2 Duke of Portland's Theban, 4 yrs.... ... ........ ..... 3 Mr. Grant's Navarin, 4 yrs..... ..... 4

Mr. Boast's Fair Play, aged.... ......... ..... 5 Won by half a length.—Gayhurst and Merman were at evens, at 2 to I each. Sweepstakes of 100 sovs, each, h. ft.; for fillies, Sat. 51b. ; untried stallions or mares allowed 31b. Old Mile.

Duke of Grafton's Brambilla . . . Lord Sefton's Mouche . . 2

Only these two came to the post, out of an entry of eighteen. Betting, 7 to 4 and

2 to 1 on Mouche. Value of the Stakes, 1,0001.

Match-100, h. ft. Half-mile. Mr. Gardner's br. c. by Abjer, d. by Cervantes, fist. 31b. (Pavis) 1

Mr. G. Bulkeley's ch. f. Cherryinoys, eat.. ........2

Won easy by two lengths. No betting. Match-100, h. ft. 8st. 41b. each. New Mile.

Mr. Charlton's b. f. Inexpressible—recd.

Mr. Theobald's ch. f. Celerity—paid. Match-50, h. ft. Old Mile. Mr. Scaith's Wigwam (late Convert). 7st.41b. (Pavis)• .• • • .. 1 Lord Ranelagh's Queen of Hearts, Sat. 10lb Won easy.

Wednesday, June 9.

The Swinley Stakes of 25 sovereigns each; for 3-yr.-olds, 7st. 41b.; and 4-yrs. Sat- 101b.; fillies allowed 31b. The last mile and half, starting at the Swinley post.

Lord Exeter's Green Mantle, 4 yrs. 0 1 His Majesty's Frederica, by Moses, 3 yrs. 0 2 The following also started, but were not placed by the Judge :-Mr. Stephenson's et. c. Cornelian, 4 yrs.; Lord Mountcharles's Benedick, 4 yrs.; Mr. Crouch's ch. f. Lady Blanche, 3rs. The Duke of y

Richmond's Refuge, Mr. Gratwick's Frederick, and Mr. Stanley's di c. by Theodore, out of Swiss Guide's dam, paid forfeit. Betting-5 to 2 and 3 to 1 on Green Mantle, 4 to 1 agst. Lady Blanche, and 8 and 10 to 1 agst. Frederica. Won easy by two lengths. The Albany Stakes of 50 sovs. each, 30 ft. for colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, 8st. 31b.

New mile.

Lord Exeter's Mahmoud 1 Ramsbottom's Zucharelli 2 Mr. Goddard's Sketch-book 3

The following paid :-Duke of Richmond's Confederacy, His Majesty's Vanloo, Lord Exeter's Red Rover, Mr. Chifney's Priam, and the Duke of Rutland's c. by Orville or Bustard. Betting-7 to 4 and 2 to 1 on Mahmoud, 7 to 2 agst Zueharelli (taken), and 6 to 1 agst Sketch-Book.

Won cleverly by a length.

Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. each, 301t. for colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, Sst. 41b.; now 2 yrs. old. The last half of the new mile. To continue in 1831. 15 subscribers. . Mr. Wreford's c. Washington; by Smolensk° 1 Lord Exeter's f. by Sultan, darn by Woful 2

His Majesty's f. Lisbeth, by Phantom-Elizabeth 3

Duke of Grafton's c. by Emilius, out of Zeal 4 His Majesty's hr. c. by Whalebone, out of Electress . 5

Betting-2 to I agst Lord Exeter's, 5 to 1 agst each of the King's, and 6 to 1 agst the Duke of Grafton's. Washington opened at 5 and 6 to 1, and finished at about 3 to 1. Won cleverly by a length.

The Windsor Castle Stakes, of 100 says. each, h. ft. for colts, 8st. 71b., and fillies, 8st. 31b. New mile.

Duke of Grafton's Paradox walked over.

Frederica (sister to Frederic), Sal colt, Vanloo, and a f. by Phantom (dead), paid forfeit.

A Gold Cup, value 100 sovs., by a subscription of 15 soya. each, 10 ft., for horses lend fide the property of officers of the Household Brigade, 3 yrs. Oat. 41b.; 4 yrs. Sst.; 5 yrs. Sst. 101b. ; 0 yrs, and aged, 9st. 21b. Mare and Geldings allowed 31b. 2 miles. 13 subscribers.

Mr. Gardner's b. m. Emmelina, 5 yrs..-- .......... 1 Mr. Ricardo's Linkboy, aged 2

Mr. Cosby's br. c. Windrush, 4 yrs .. 3 Colonel Standen's Conrad, 6 yrs. ..................... ...... . 4

Mrs. Nisbett's William Tell, 4 yrs. . . .. 5 Betting 6 to 4 on Conrad, and S to 1 agst Emmelina.-Won cleverly by a length.

Thursday, June 10.

The Royal Stakes of 100 sovs, each, for fillies now three years old, and war- ranted untried on the 10th of June, 1829, was won by Lord Jersey's Charlotte West beating Lord Exeter's Shumla. Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft., for two-year-old colts and fillies, T. Y. C. 13 subscribers, was won by Mr. J. Day's br. f. by Figaro, beating his Majesty's f. Lisbeth, and the Duke of Richmond's Conciliation. Eight others also started, but were not placed.

The Gold Cup, value 100 guineas, the surplus in specie, by subscribers of 20 sons. each, confined to horses bond fide the property of a Member of the Jockey Club, of the Upper or Lower Rooms at Newmarket, or of those Clubs in London, Whose members may be admitted into the above Clubs without ballot.

Sir Mark Wood's Lucetta, 4 yrs. old . ......... ...... I His Majesty's ch. h. The Colonel, 5 yrs. old .................. 2 Lord Exeter's Green Mantle, 4 yrs. old .. ......... 3 His Majesty's Zinganee, 5 yrs. old ...... .. 4 Fleur de Lis, Hindostan, Gayhurst, Mummy, Cetus, and Cadland paid.

The introduction of the above condition was the sole cause of the smallness of the entry for this race, and it will account for there being so little excitement- on it. In one sense, however, it equals that of last year-viz, in the value of the horses ; for, although only ten in number, they may be stated as worth twenty thousand pounds. The horses did not get off until after some delay-the Colonel then took the lead at a good pace; Lueetta and Green Mantle being together to the first turn, and then the former became second ; Chifney sticking to his old system of keeping in the rear, on the waiting order. The Colonel kept in front to the distance, the only change previous to that being in the two mares, Green Mantle having passed Lu- cetta at the last turn. At the distance. Nelson, who rode the Colonel, and who had been started to make running for Zinganee, found that the latter could do nothing at all for the race. Lucetta ran up to him here, and thinking that it would be prudent to keep a little in reserve for a push, having already made all the work, Nelson allowed her to get in front ; when the push came, however, he could not catch the mare, and was obliged to content himself with 'being second by a length. Green Mantle was third by about the same, and the crack last, and not a very good one. The result of this, and most of the Cup races at Ascot, proves how favourable the weights and distance are to four-year-old horses. The winner was rode by Ro- binson, and Green Mantle by Cottony.

The Royal Stakes of 100 sovs, each, for colts now three years old, and warranted 'Untried June 10, 1829, Mile, was won by his Majesty's Young Orion beating the Duke of Portland's c. by Tiresias, Lord Cavendish's c. by Godolphin, and Lord Exeter's Red Rover.

The Windsor Forest Stakes of 50 sovs, each, for three-year-old fillies, the Old Mile, five subscribers, was won by Mr. Sadler's Design beating Lord Sefton's kouche and Lord Exeter's Shumla.

Plate of 501. for all ages, Mile-and-a-half, was won by Mr. Crouch's Jenny Ver.pr6 beating his Majesty's Hindostan ; Mr. Pearce's Guildford, and Mr. Cavell's Windfall. A tolerably good race, and won cleverly by a length.

Friday, June 11.

'His Majesty's Plate of 100 gs. for hunters :.-5 yrs. 11 st. 71b.; 6 yrs. list. 121b.; and teed, 12st.-Two Miles and a Distance.

Mr. Mill's b. m. by Reveller, 5 yrs... „ ...... .......... ..... 1

Mr. Boast's b. g. Fair Play, aged.... . 2 Mr. L. Hervey's ch. m. Chapeau de Paille, 6 yrs.... 3 Mr. Cotterill's Premier, by Filho, 5 yrs. . 2 to 1 agst Fair Play (taken), and 2 to 1 agst the winner. SWeeptakes of 100 soya, each, h. ft. for 3-yr. old colts, Sst. 71b.; and fillies, Sst. 41b.

New Mile.

Mr. Scott Stonehewer's b. c. by Figaro, out of Bella Lord Tavistock's c. by Middleton, out of Custard. .. 2 Lord Warwick's f. by Paresan, out of Niobe 3 The following paid-Lord Cleveland's Wat Tyler, Mr. Rogers's Lapidist, and his Majesty's c. by Merlin, out of Gavotte. 5 to 4 on Custard-Won in a canter by four lengths.

Sweepstakes of 100 sow, each, h. ft.-New Mile. Mr. Ramsbottom's Timandra, by Wrangler, Sat Mr. Charlton's b. f. by Master Henry, d. by Soothsayer, 8st. 41b 2 Mr. Bacon's b. c. by Hedley, out of Lute, Sat. 01b. paid.

The Wokingham Stakes of 5 save. each ; for 3-yrs. old and upwards. The last

three-quarters of the New Mile. 14 subscribers.

Mr.Rush's Carthago, aged, Sst. 101.b. . I Lord Cavendish's Spaniard, 4 yrs. ist. 131b.

Mr. Gardner's Emmeline, 5 yrs. Sst. 21b.. ........... .......... 3 Eight others started, but were not placed.

Won cleverly by a length. 3 to 1 agst Carthago, 4 to 1 agst Coulon, 7 to 1 agst Haiii Baba, S to 1 agst Emme- lina, and 9 to 1 agst Spaniard (taken).

A Plate of 60i. for all ages :-3 yrs. ist. 71h.; 4 yrs. Sc?.. 71b.; 5 yrs. Oat.; 6 yrs. and aged, 9st. 41b.; mares and geldings allowed 31b. Winners extra. Old Mile. The winner to be sold for 200 gs. Rte. Mr. Day's Augur .. 1 Sir H. Wood's Hajji Baba ...... ........ • • - • • • • . ...... . ... 2 Lord Mountcharles's Coronet, Mr. J. Day's Busk, Mr. Sadler's Popinjay, Mr. 'Young's Escapement, Mr. Pearce's Crane, Mr. Rush's c. by Moses, out of Romp, 3 Yrs. Mr. Gardner's ch. c. by Rubel's, dam by Crecy, 3 yrs. and Mr. Shepherd's Genuine, 3 yrs. also started. • 11 to S agst Hajji Babi, 4 to 1 agst Coronet, 3 to 1 agst Popinjay, and high odds agst the winner, who was scarcely named. A very fine race between the first two, and wont)), a bead only.