12 JUNE 1830, Page 11


&rocs Excessos, FRIDAY Evarizaro.-We have bad another very uninterest- ing week here, and the transactions have been on the whole so unimportant as to leave room for very little observation. Indeed, the only remark that occurs to us Is the contrast between the two Stock Markets of London and Paris. In Paris, prices have been falling progressively and seriously, and the transactions of great importance and extent ; while here every thing is quiet, even to dulness and insi- pidity. How long this may continue to be the case here, it would be absurd to offer an opinion; but we are not of those who anticipate serious consequences to our credit from disturbances in France. Prices might indeed fall temporarily here; but ultimately we should, so long as our Government avoid interference, rather expect the demand for English Stock to improve from the falls of French Stock, the seller of which must seek some other investment for their money. The state of the Ring Is still looked to with great interest, but the eveat seems already to be prepared for here. Money is in more demand, as is usually the case at this season ; but does not command more than 3 per cent. Exchequer Bills and India Bonds are lower by 2 or 3 per cent.

In the Foreign Market, there has been some business, but certainly much less than of late ; and Greek has fluctuated only 2 per cent., being now worth 37i, after having been done at 35/ and 361. Brazil Bonds are worth about 72. Mexican have been so low as 341, and so high as 371; but are now about 301 to 37. Colom- bian, a little higher than last week, say 231. Russian has Improved about 1 per cent., but still without any apparent business. Spanish has fallen 1 per cent., in consequence of a much more considerable fall at Paris, for which we do not hear of any other cause than the prevailing alarm there.

In Shares there have been no transactions worth reporting.

$ATURDAY, HALF-PAST TWELVE.-This day is as dull here as the rest of the week. Consols for Account 92/ to I all the morning. In the Foreign Market there has been a little doing in Greek, which was yesterday at 381, and to-day is at 37.