12 JUNE 1830, Page 11


OXFORD, June 10.-The election at Trinity College, on Trinity Monday, tenni : noted in the appointment of the following gentlemen :- Probationer Fellow-The Rev. H. W. It. Michell, M.A.

Scholars on the Old Foundation-H. P. Guillemard (Blount's Scholar) ; R. Palmer, Commoner of Christ's Church.

Blount Scholar-J. Thomas, Commoner of Wadham and Craven Scholar. This day the following degrees were conferred :- Bachelors in Medicine, with Licence to Practise-T. 0. Ward, Queen's ; D. Bad- ham, Pembroke. Bachelor in Cicil Law-Hon. and Rev. C. Bathurst, Fellow of All Souls, Grand Compounder. Masters of Arts-Lord Clonbrock, Christ Church, Grand Compounder, Rev. 0. S. Harrison, Queen's; Rev. W. Wheeler, Demy of Magdalen ; Rev. J. 0. Parr, Bra- zennose ; Rev. AV. J. Bussell, Pembroke ; Rev. H. V. Shortland, Lincoln ; G. A. Denison, Fellow of Oriel ; Rev. J. Aldridge, Exeter; Rev. J. S. Halifax, Trinity; Rev. E. G. Ruddock, Trinity; Rev. C. Bannatyne, Balliol. Bachelors of Arts-The Earl of Selkirk, Christ Church, Grand Compounder; A. A. 'Holden and J. -Mitchell, Christ Church; E. David, Jesus; S. S. Warmoil, Queen's ; J. W. S. Donnison, J. J. A. Brown, H. J. Hoskins, and H. Hodges, Uni- versity; W. E. Trenchard, Pembroke ; T. C. Curties, Fellow of St. John's ; R. 1101-. hugs, St. John's ; E. T. Massey, Brazennose ; H. H. Chayton, R. H. Cooper, and F. J. Burlton, Worcester ; B. F. J. Willesford, Exeter ; H. James, Balliol ; G. Vigue and W. Smith, Trinity; H. C. Wise, Oriel.

CAMBRIDOE, June 21.-Sir William Browne's three gold medals for the present

year were yesterday awarded as follows :- Greek Ode-J. Hildyard, Christ College.

Latin Ode-C. R. Kennedy, Trinity College. Epigrams-W. Fitzherbert, Queen's College.

The following are the respective subjects :- Greek Ode-llyssi Laus.

Latin Ode-Curnm.

Greek Epigram-Xurtescit medendo. Latin Epigrion-Spatiis inclusus iniquis.

On Weduesday, Mr. T. S. Green, M.A. was elected a Foundation Fellow of Christ College.