12 JUNE 1830, Page 12



At Portsmouth, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel BURGOYNE, of a daughter.

At the Presidency, Demerara, thelady of his Honour Cnga cgs WRAY, of neon, On the 5th inst., at Calico Abbey, Derby, the lady of Sir Guosmr. CauwE, Bart., of a daughter

On the 9th instant, in Curzon-Street, May Fair, the Hon. Mrs. H. Itgeisnae, wife of Captain H. Ramsden, 9th Lancers, of a son.


At Bombay, on the 11th January, JAMES INCLIS, M.D., to Miss JANE KENNEDY ARNOT. ROBERT BARON DE Rosner, of Machters, eldest son of Wilhelm Baron de Rosen, of Rackamois, in Esthonia, to MARIA Jusrx NA, third daughter of the late Dr. Rigby. S. HICKMAN, Esq., of Middle Gardner Street, Dublin, to SARAII, Lady CLAN. MOR ars, relict of the late Barry, Lord Clanmorris. On the 20th Ult., EDWARD MARCUS Wirsers, Esq., of Hotham, to ALICE, second daughter of Sir John Owen, Bart., M.P. of Orielton, Pembrokesltire. On the 7th inst., at Lydd, in the county of Kent, the Rev. EDWARD ROBERT NARES, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Nares, Rector of Biddenden and Newchurter Kent, to CECILIA, third daughter of the late David Deane, Esq., of Lydd. On the 10th instant, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Sir CHARLES ALDIS, Noon Square, to Miss ANNE MARIA VIrie, of George Street. On the 10th instant, bv special licence, Blies SHERIDAN, granddaughter of the late Right Hon. R. B.Slieridan, to the Viscount SAINT MA u a, the son of the Duke of Somerset.


On the let inst. at Weymouth, after nearly two years of severe and unremited suffering, the Rev. Sir Crime tt:s TOWNSE END WALLER, Bart, in his 59th yea. On the 3rd inst. at Walcot, Shropshire, the Countess of Powts, to the greatgrief of her family and of an extensive neighbourhood, where hervirtues and examplinave, during a long and well-spent life, been duly appreciated, in her 72nd year. On the 15th inst. in Berkeley Square, General MEV1LICE. On the 9th inst. at his house in York Street, Portman Square, LieutenantJenerd


On the 28th ult. at Balfour, Fifeshire, 'satsuma CONGALTON, daughter of the late William Cougalton, Esq. in her 85th year. On Sunday week, the Rev. Mgacus A. PARKER, Curate of Wanborough, neat Swindon. He was preparing to attend his new Vicar, the Rev. C. Richards, to church, when on a sudden his tongue was deprived of articulation, and his hand of vital action. Violent convulsions soon ensued, and in the space of half an hourhe became a corpse.

On the 6th inst. Jona: HENRY, second son of Major Ebrington, of the Tower, in his 16th year.

On the hat inst. in Great Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lord Wars RPARE. In Cavendish Square, Lieutenant-Colonel GEORGE MARLEY, K.C.B. At Hastings, on the 8th instant, Lady CaArctorTa STOPFORD, youngest daughter of the Earl of Courtown, in her 22d year. Lately, in St. Anne's Street, Liverpool, in his 22nd year, universally and most/ deservedly beloved, respected, and deeply regretted,J0EN Virt LLIA3I DE BILLING-) n u a sr TAYLOR, Esq., surgeon, eldest son of the late amiable and lamented Captai John Taylor, late Paymaster of the 54th regiment of Foot, and of the Royal Flint Militia, and grandson of the late George de Billingburst, Esq., Captain R.N., 'o Niton, Isle of Wight, and great-grandson of the late William de Billinghurst, Esti/. (J.P. and M.P.), of Mytchin Hall and Foyle Park, Surrey, and of High Billingbur* and Gate Street, Sussex • and great-nephew of the late Honourable Admiral T. Brodrick, cousin to LordMiddleton. He was the most pions, dutiful, affectionate son ; and his high virtues, accom- plishments, and great abilities, rendered him a bright ornament to science, and a great blessing to his deeply-afflicted widowed mother and family, by whom their irreparable loss of him, and her equally amiable and accomplished second SOH (CHARLES), who died of a rapid decline in his 18th year, two years since, will be ever deeply mourned. He was interred in the family vault in Holywell Church,