12 JUNE 1830, Page 12


Intelligence has been this morning received from China to the 31st Jan., by the Portuguese vessel Nova Viagante, arrived at St. Helena. The Bridgwater sailed for London On the 26th of that month, with Mr. Piowden, the President of the Select Committee, and the other passengers of the season. The rest of the Company's ships were still in Toonkoo Bay, under orders for Manilla.

Arrived.—Off Margate,! June 11, Upton Castle, Thacker, from Bombay. Off Lymington, Zenobia, Cameron, from Bengal and Madras. At St. Helena, April 21, William Money, Fletcher, from Bengal and Madras ; 22nd, Minerva, Watson, from Singapore.

Sailed.—From Gravesend, June 4, Malcolm, Eyles, and Marquis Frostings, Short ; .5, Stakesly, Johnson ; Recovery, Chapman ; and Cornwall, Bell ;—all for Madras and Bengal : Gowan Eshelly, for the Cape, and Hercules, Vaughan, for Dublin and New South Wales; 6, Henry Poreher, .Redman, for Madras and Bengal ; 7, An- nandale, Fergusson, for Bombay; S, Jas. Sibbald, Cole, for Madras and Bengal. From Liverpool, June 5, Collingwood, Snipe, for Bengal ; 9, Mail, Lindsay, for Bombay. Spoken.—Skerne, from Swan River, 26th March, 32 South, 40 East. Fairlie, from Bengal to London, 27th May, 36 North, 40 West. Rambler, from Cape to London, 27th. May, 36 North, 40 West.