12 JUNE 1830, Page 19


This present volume consists of Lives of the British Sculptors, and is in fact a biographical history of sculpture in England. It is' written in a bold and manly style, at once concise and comprehen- sive; and is illustrated by characteristic anecdotes and sound criti- cism. The connexion of the author with one of the most eminent of our modern sculptors is favourable to the accuracy and cona- pleteness of his performance ; and his technical knowledge bas enabled him to give it additional interest. NOLLEKENS appears im a more favourable light than in the unsparing pages of his disap- pointed executor; and FLAXMAN'S character coming in at the last, seems the crowning glory of the art and its history. The volume' is embellished with portraits prefixed to each memoir, an excellent' line-engraving from JACKSON'S inimitable portrait of' FiAXBIA.It forming a frontispiece.

* Family Library, No. XIIL Lives of British Painters, sculptors, acc. By Albin,

Cunningham. Vol. ILL