12 JUNE 1830, Page 20


Tuesday, June 8.


W. FRANICLAND and G. I. FRANHLAND, Liverpool, tailors—Brass and LOMAS, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, grocers—Msattnvoro:v and Plc LLINER, Union Court, Old Broad Street, surveyors—G. HOLDSWORTH and 'T. HOLDS WO ETU, Shibden Mill, Halifax, worsted-manufacturers—Cm:1m and HAWKINS, Colchester, dealers ha ready-made clothes—FounnAst and Bairns, North Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, surgeons—E. Tisnatt and 3. Maass, jun. Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, dyers-Casa° and DALTON, Crawford Street, St. Marylebone linen- drapers-HUMPHREYS and FArtaAa, Gracechurch Street, milliners-F;J. Low anti J. Low, Wood Street, Clieapside ironmongers-J. SAUNDERS, jun. and J. &summits, sen., Limehouse, hoop.benders-PaEssLAND and LANTSBERY, North-

ampton, linen.drapers. MOLvENT. June 7.-Is.4A0 JACOBS, Pool, watch-maker. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.

WILLIAM GAUSDEN and JUDAH JACOBS, Barbican, clothes-salesmen. BANKRU BANKRU ACASTEB, THOMAS, Brotherton, Yorkshire, him-burner, July 5, 6, 20 : solicitors, Mr. King, Castle Street, Holborn; and Messrs. Aluson and Collinson, Doncaster. BSESTON, HENRY, and DUNSTON, JOHN, 'Huundsditch, manufacturers of Fraser's safety ships' hearths and capstans, June 15, 22, July 20 : solicitors, Messrs. R. Wilks and Atinithorpe, Finsbury Place. BirANTHWAITE, JAMES, Manchester, ironmonger, June 21, 22, July 20 : solici- tors, Messrs. Home, Frampton, and Loftus, New Inn ; and Mr. Booker, Wason's Buildings, Liverpool. Carom!, HENav and ANN, Lowdwater, Buckinghamshire, paper-manufactu- rers, June 18, 25, July 20 : solicitors, Maugham and Fothergill, Chancery Lane. Bugg, STEPHEN, Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, clothier, June IG, IS, July 29 : solicitors, Holme, Frampton, and Loftus, New Inn ; and Mr. Waldron, Wiveliscombe. FOGLESS, THOMAS, Royal Street, Lambeth, builder, June 11, 22, July 20 : soli- citors, Messrs. Selby, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet Street. Gr.ovEtt, Jottg, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, horse-dealer, July 1, 2, 20 : solici- tors, Messrs. Fuller and Saltwell, Carlton Chambers, Regent Street; Mr. Wratislaw, Rugby ; and Mr. Fox, Lutterworth. GLOVER, EDWARD, Bittesweli, Leicestershire, horse-dealer, July 1, 2, 20 : soli- citors, Messrs. Fuller and Saltwell, Carlton Chambers, Regent Street ; Mr. Wratis- law, Rugby ; and Mr. Fox, Lutterworth.

JENKINS, WILLIAM, Lyme-Regis, Dorsetshire, shipwright, June 29, 30. July 20 : solicitors, Holme, Frampton, and Loftus, New Inn ; and Mr. Murly, Crew- kerne, Somersetshire.

Kreo, WILLIA.M Rol:max WALE, Hosier Lane, tin-plate-worker, June 18, 25, July 20 : solicitors, Messrs. Young and Vallings, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry. PEACOCK, TnomAs, Northallerton, Yorkshire, linen-draper, June 21, 22, July 20 : solicitors, Mr. Lever, Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Anderson, York. POPE, JAMES, Edmonton, builder, June 15, 22, July 20: solicitor, Mr. Spyer, Broad Street Buildings. WEBSTER, WILLIAM HENnv, Oldbury, Shropshire, druggist, June 22, 23, July 20 : solicitors, Mr. Barbor, Fetter Lane ; and Mr. Fellowes, jun. Dudley.


June 22, Giroux, St. George's Circus, Southwark, music-seller-June 29, Hickox, Worthing, grocer-June 29, Churchill, Deddington, felt-manufacturer-June 22, Neate, Sweetiugs Alley, Cornhill, jeweller-July 2, Rankine, Pratt Place, Camden Town ; and Wilson, Sydney Street, Goswell Street Road, merchants-June 29, Aldridge, Panton Street, Pentonville, apothecary-July 5, Dawson, Guisbrough, Yorkshire, mercer-July 3, Morton, Doncaster, spirit-merchant-July 30, Wharton, Manchester, iron-founder-June 30, Preston, Liverpool, merchant-July 6, Heeling- ton, jun. York, grocer-June 30, Frampton, Weymouth, merchant-June 30, Rogers, Gainsborough, linen-draper-June 29, Stokoe, Rye Hill, Northumberland, builder- July 6, Swindle, Worksop, grocer-June 30, Ferraud, York, plane.maker-July 1, Robinson, Nottingley, vessel-builder-July 1, L. Knowles, L. Knowles, jun. and S. H. Knowles, Gomersal, merchants-June 30, Brierley, Duckenfield, dyer-July I, Hodgson, Manchester, innholder-July 5, Haywood, Ramsgate, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before June 29. Wilbraham. Leadenhall Street, gun-manufacturer-Guerrier, Winchester Place, Peotonville, bookseller-Thornes, Stroud, Gloucestershire, tishmonger-Harpur, jun. Oxford, tailor-Brooks, Old Bond Street, auctioneer-Horridge, Liverpool, con- fectioner-Bruton, Cheltenham, grocer-Jones, Pulteney Mews, Bath, livery.stable- keeper-Sharpe, Romsey, paper.manufacturer-Weettnan, Liverpool, merchant- Winch, Kingsland Road, licensed-vietualler-Benison, Stockport, ironmonger-Job- ling, Duke Street, Adelphi, wine-merchant-Sharpe, Cambridge, woollen-draper- Broughton, Southampton Street, Covent Garden, tailor-J. Beaumont and E. Beau- mont, Lepton, Yorkshire, manufacturers of fancy goods.

Friday, June 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. HArtars and CANTOR, Houndsditch, sponge-merchants-IF. B Rows: and J. BROWN, Liverpool, Rota-dealers-GARDNER and Co. East Smithfield, ironmougers ; as far as regards J. H ORNE a-PAsn LEV and TAYLOR, Worksop, wine-merchants .--COULTHARD and Co. Shoreditch, woollen.drapers; as far as regards R. CO RD ULT- IIA, sen. J. COULTHARD, and G. COULTHARD-MORTIMER and HOWELL, Car- marthen, merchants-EMERY and SHORT, Glastonbury, maltsters-Bloastrs and Gins ore, Coventry, silk.dyers-PrsErgevog and Co.. Manchester, yarn-printers- S. JEencorr and R. JErncovr, Alcester, Warwickshire' grocers-CLAas and MALLErv, Winchester, innkeeper-IVILsog and Warn, Chichester, chemists- D.A.ILEY and CAMPBELL, Swadlicote, Derbyshire, coal-masters-As:Nis and KNox, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, wine-merchants-EccrEs and Co. Blackburn, cotton-spinners ; as far as regards E. SnottaocK-MA_CDONALD and DIACK, Re- gent Street, carpet-warehousemen-RE YNOLDS and Co. Wellington, Shropshire, bankers; as far as regards N. HARRIES.


ANDREw, JOsEp11, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, innkeeper, June 23, 24, July 23: solicitors, Mr. Congreve, Stony Stratford; and Messrs. Austin and Rob- son Raymond's Buildings, Gray's Inn.

ILIETHERTON, FRANCIS, Liverpool, coach-proprietor, June 29, 30, July 23 • solicitors, Messrs. Topham and Son, Liverpool; and Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row.

FURLONG, Jong, Birkenhead, Cheshire, joiner, 5017 6, 7, 23: solicitors, Mr. Dean, Palsgrave Place, Temple Bar ; and Mr. Peacock, Liverpool.

GOWER, STErHEN STOCK, Caterham, Surry, farmer, June IS, 25, July 23: soli- citors, Mr. Long, Croydon ; and Mr. Chester, Parsonage Row, Newington Butts.

HAGAR, JoHN, and HAGAR, THOMAS, Morton, Yorkshire, paper-makers, June 18, 25, July 23: -solicitor, Mr. Lake; Cateaton Street. LLOYD, Lewis, Skinner Street, Snow Hill, furrier, June 18, 25, July 22: soli- citor, Mr. Silencer, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry.

111.1as Irma, WILLIAM, STONEY, JOSEPH, and Dvsoss, JosEen, Fountain Grove, Aldtnonbury, Yorkshire, machine-makers, June 17, 18, July 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Walker and Rickards, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Messrs. Cloughs and Norton, Huddersfield.

RIVERS, ANN, and RIVERS, TH031AS, Egham, Surry, brewers, June IS, 25, July 23: solicitor, Mr. Ritchings, Staines. ROBERTS oN, ISABELLA, Exmouth Street, Clerkenwell, grocer, June 18, 25, July 23: solicitor, Mr. Bennett, Scot's Yard, Cannon Street. RuLE,‘VILLIAM, Chacewater, Cornwall, grocer, June 25, go, July 23: solicitors, Messrs. Clark and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Messrs. Cooke and Sons, Bristol.

WEBSTER,WILLIAM, High Street, Whitechapel, perfumer, June 18, 25, July 23: solicitor, Mr. Norton, New Street, Bishopsgate.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Cheltenham, coal-merchant, June 21, 22, July 23 : soli- citors, Mr. King, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet Street ; and Mr. Croad, Cheltenham. WoorsivARD, EDWARD, Chelmsford, linen-draper, June 18, 25, July 23: soli-

citor, Mr. Sole, Aldermanbury.. DIVIDENDS.

July 2, Thurston' Southampton Mews, George Street, New Road, horse-dealer- July 2, Wadsworth, Staverton Row, Newington, cheesemonger-July 2, Matthews, Old Street, St. Luke's, timber-merchant-July 2, Halsey, Whitecross Street, baker- July 2, Ewer and Scholfield, Lad Lane. City, warehonsemen-July 2, Clatke and Deacon, Gowen Street, drapers-July 2, Stubbs, Penton Street, Leicester Square, jeweller-July 2, Neil, Cumberland Row, Battle Bridge, oilman-July 2, Marshall, Colchester Street, Whitechapel, steam.engine-boiler-maker-July 2, Meredith, Manchester, linen-draper-July 3, Moody, Trowbridge, auctioneer-July 3, Gay, Bristol, carpenter-July 7, Fisher, Portsea, mercer-July 5, Thomas, Bath, book. seller-July 8, Coleman, Bury Saint Edmund's, ironfounder-July 5, Morley, Great Yarmouth, miller-July 3, Dawson, Huddersfield, fancy-cloth-manufacturer-July 7, Nelson, Bradford, limeburner.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before July 2. T. and R. Binney , Wakefield, corn factors-Flinn, New North Road, Hoxton, commission-agent -Breeds, Hastings, merchant - Stunt, King's Square, St. Luke's, dyer-Power, Old City Chambers, Bishopgate Street, ship insurance-broker -Neil, Cumberland Row, Battle Bridge, oilman-Cooper, Westonsupermare, grocer -Hobday, Pall Mall, picture-dealer-Harrison, Manchester, commission-agent- Clark, Dover, master-mariner. SCOTCH SEQUISSTRATION.-.4TRACHAN, BALPSI, Leith, distiller, Jane 15, 29.