12 JUNE 1830, Page 20

Mr. SOTHEBY, we observe, has a small collection of pictures

for sale, which contains several paintings of interest, and many which are valu- able to the artist. Among these we particularly notice, several admirable sketches in oils, from the Old Masters, by BONNINGTON, remarkable for the facility with which he has preserved the style and effect of the originals. Among the undoubted originals, are the Midnight Conversa- tion of HOGARTII ; some pleasing sketches by WARD, GAINSBOROUGH, and Sir Jossrua REYNOLDS; a Bacchante by BAHR'S" .; a fine portrait of REMBRANDT'S Mother, by KONINGH, which might almost pass for the work of the mighty master himself; and two highly-finished speci- mens of NET sesren, with a few others of the Flemish and Dutch schools.

Every thing of LAWRENCE'S is now coming forth to the world, and not the least curious of his effects is his library. It contains, as may be supposed, a numerous collection of works on art, catalogues, &c., and also a number of presentation-copies of books, some of them on sub- jects hardly within the range of the President's reading.