12 JUNE 1830, Page 6

GENTLEMEN or THE PnEss.—On Tuesday, Mr. Taylor, printer, of Red

Lion Court, Fleet Street, waited on Sir Richard Birnie, to inquire if no redress could be obtained against a captain who lately figured be- fore the eloquent knight. "The Captain," said Mr. Taylor, came to me, and, representing himself to be the proprietor of an Evening Paper, employed me to print the prospectus of a new Sunday Paper, to be called the Alfred, and which was to have been published on the 16th of May. The motto chosen by the gentleman was, The King, who adorned the British Crown, protected the Church, and bravely defended the British people; his principles shall be our guide, and his maxims we will truly follow.' The cost of printing this was 27s.; and I have not been able to get a sixpence of it." Unfortunately, in this case, the gallant proprietor had gone on the right side of the post, and the magistrate could give no relief. It did not transpire when "Alfred" was to make his appearance-. a potentate so heralded would be worth watching. PERTINACITY OF Love.—A cowkeeper applied at Union Hall, the other day, for the strong arm of the law to rid him of the perpetual "following" of a woman who had taken a fancy to him. The poor wight had done nothing to engage her affections, unless such things are accomplished by the rule of contraries; for he had taken many occa- sions to annoy her, but in vain. In one instance, finding meek mea- sures ineffectual, he threw her down in the mud; but a little while found her again—cleanly clad—pursuing him in his "milky way." The magistrate assured the unfortunate cowkeeper, that imIess the fair nymph proceeded to personal violence, or threatened it, he could do nothing for him. The law says, "there is no wrong without a re. medy." The milkman may lose his custom : will a jury give damages, or the Court of Chancery enjoin the woman to forbear ?