12 JUNE 1830, Page 6

TRINITY COLLEGE, Dum.m.—Messrs. North and Lefroy are can- vassing the

new scholars for their votes at the approaching election.— Freeman's Journal.

Isms TOBACCO.—A conference was held on Tuesday at the Trea- sury, respecting the culture of tobacco in Ireland. There were present Lord F. L. Gower, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Frankland Lewis, and Sir Henry Parnell.—Court Circular.

COBBETT ON THE CROPS.—I never SSW them fuller of promise. It is supposed that, in 41 the North Western and midland counties, there wilt be more barley this year than there was in the three lase years. The wheat and oats very good ; and the beans and peas better than I ever saw them. The former are in bloom ; and I went into a field this morning (9th of June) between Gloucester and Tewkesbury, and the beans were as high as my armpits. There will be a prodigious crop of beans. Beans will be 2s. the Winchester bushel, and barley 2s. 6d., if we have warm and fair weather now. The crops of grass are very great, upland and lowland ; but the weather is wet ; mowing has begun, and, near the Severn, much of the grass will be spoiled by overa flowings. The flowers are remarkably fine this year ; but there will be very few apples, and not many pears. In the garden of a cottage, at six miles from Gloucester, to which I walked this morning, and at which I got a bit of bread and cheese and some milk, I saw the largest pinks that I ever saw in my life ; and the woman was so good as to give me some of them, as large as carnations and of fine colours. The ground is excellent, and the season good for flowers. I never saw a prettier flower-garden in my life.—Cobbett's Register.

STATE OF THE COUNTRY.—It is everywhere the same; all is decay and ruin and misery. The farmers are not Worse off than the trades- men ; for all are in a state of gradual decay. The working people suffer greatly in this county, particularly in the vale of Stroud. In short, all is going on just as I anticipated. Lucky are those who have been able to flee to the United States with the remnant of their means.—Political Re. ' gister.