12 JUNE 1841, Page 12

The House of Commons had an extra sitting today, at

one o'clock, to forward the general winding-up of the session.

On the motion of Lord Jonzi RUSSELL, the Bribery at Elections Bill was read a third time, and passed, after an amendment had been proposed and inserted by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL, to the effect that candidates, as well as others, should be liable to be called before Com- mittees to answer for their conduct.

The House went into a Committee of the whole, and passed the Appropriation Bill ; with a complaint from Sir GEORGE SINCLAIR of the waste of public money. The Election Petitions Trial Bill was read a second time. Mr. VERNON SMITH considered Sir Robert Peel's last bill a failure, and he wanted to know what change the present bill effected. Sir GEORGE CLERK said that the parts which made a change in the existing law would be printed in Italics.

The County Bridges (No. 2) Bill was read a third time, and passed. A debate on the Highway-rates Bill was adjourned to Monday.