12 JUNE 1841, Page 15

The seat of the Duke of Buckingham at Stowe, is

now open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. His Grace has done much of late to add to the attractions of the princely park and grounds, which cover a space of 1,500 acres. The interior of the mansion has been newly decorated, and many rare and costly articles added to the collec- tions of pictures and gems with which the splendid apartments are deco- rated. The celebrated hangings of tapestry, so remarkable for their ex- quisite drawing and finish, are still here. Much of the furniture is new; and the carpets, from the manufactory of Messrs. Lapwortb, excite great and deserved admiration, for the brilliancy of their colours and the classic taste in which the patterns and coats of arms are designed and have been wove in the material. Stowe can now be reached by the Birming- ham Railway in a few hours, and this facility gives hundreds the op.. portunity of viewing one of the most splendid and recherché estates m Europe.—Globe.