12 JUNE 1880, Page 1

It is announced in a telegram from Simla of the

10th inst. that General Donald Stewart has received orders to retire from Cabal, at the earliest moment consistent with the health of the troops. The evacuation will be completed by the 31st October, and "it is believed that Gundamuck and the Shuturgardun Pass will be the extreme points remaining in British occupa- tion." This is the Indian idea, but it is evident from the memorandum read by Lord Hartington on Monday to the House of Commons that the Government has decided on a stronger line of policy than this, that eastern Afghanistan will be abandoned altogether, that the Treaty of Gundamuck is considered cancelled by events, and that the only doubt remain- ing is whether we are or are not bound to retain Candahar. That depends upon engagements not made public, which of course must be observed, but we believe the new " Wali " of Candahar will not be eager to demand a British garrison, and will prefer to be dependent upon Cabal, more especially if Yak-cob Khan, the head of his clan, is reinstated there. Accord- ing to the correspondent of the Times, this has again become pos- sible, and as soon as Lord Lytton has departed, it will be found more possible still. Lord Lytton had possessed himself of all the sources of the information sent to England, and with his fall the tone of all Press news from India will be changed.