12 JUNE 1880, Page 1

The general drift of the intelligence of this week tends

to show that the Great Powers intend sincerely that Greece should obtain her territory, and will upon that subject overbear any resistance; that they will give Montenegro sufficient territory,

though not necessarily the districts now expected; but that for any further action, they are divided. The line of cleavage, as described by the foreign correspondents, points to Germany and Austria acting for themselves, and against the rest of the world. It should be noted, however, that no correspondents are Slays, that the House of Hapsburg is as likely to go with the South Slays as with any one else, and that the Russian line of action is wholly undefined. It is suggested that the Court of St. Petersburg may support the Turk, but that un- popular policy is improbable, as it would instantly cost Russia all influence in the Balkan, and would involve this change in the position. If Russia supports Turkey, it would pay Austria to join the Western Alliance, and pose as the friend of the Balkan nationalities. The one serious danger is of an agreement between the three Emperors to settle South-eastern Europe as they please ; but even that alliance, powerful as it always must be, would not be irresistible, in the face of the Anglo-French alliance, of the whole Balkan penin- sula in arms from the Pruth to the Morea, and of the Slavonic feeling of more than half the Austrian population. If the British Government has but nerve, the ultimate settlement may be postponed till European Turkey has been freed.