12 JUNE 1880, Page 1

The situation at Constantinople is not yet so bad as

the pub- lic had begun to fear. The Powers have agreed to a Conference, to be held at Berlin on the 16th inst., to settle the Greek fron- tier, from which Turkey and Greece will be excluded, and have arranged that its decision shall be "imperative." The district assigned will, it is believed, be at once occupied by Greece; and M. Tricoupis has reported that, with a few French officers, ho can mobilise 20,000 men. An identical Note will also be pre- sented to the Porte, stating the claims of Montenegro and Armenia, and demanding that they be satisfied. The Sultan, though, of course, recalcitrant, has been so far affected by these proceedings that he has dismissed his Ministry, and has ap- pointed Kadri Pasha and Abeddin Pasha Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs. They are reforming Turks, and although no Pasha intends any substantial reform, they may be aware that Europe cannot be ultimately resisted. All depends, how- ever, as before, upon the willingness of the British Government to run a considerable risk, and carry out their policy, if neces- sary, by force. It will come to force, sooner or later.