12 JUNE 1880, Page 2

The division in the Lords on the Burials Bill shows

a majo- rity of episcopal votes in favour of the second reading. The two Archbishops and eight Bishops voted in favour of the Bill (the Bishops, namely, of Carlisle, Exeter, Llandaff, London, Manchester, Oxford, St. Asaph's, and St. David's). On the other hand, six Bishops voted, while two paired, against the Bill,—namely, the Bishops of Bath and Wells, Chichester, Ely, Gloucester and Bristol, Lincoln, and St. Alban's, the two who paired against it being the Bishop of Peter- borough and the Bishop of Bangor. Thus the episcopal majo- rity in favour of the Bill consisted of the two Archbishops.. The Bishop of Durham neither voted nor paired on the Bill,. which we regret. We should have hoped that that weighty vote would have been given for a reasonable concession to the Dissenters. If we include pairs,—of the Dukes, seven were in favour of the Bill, and five against it; of the Marquises, four were in favour of it, and four against; of the Earls, thirty-six were in favour, and forty against ; of the Viscounts, eleven were in favour, and nine against; of the Lords, eighty-one were in favour, and fifty-six against. Thus, the Earls were the only order of Peers which gave a majority against the Bill.