12 JUNE 1880, Page 23

Matrimonial Bonds. By "Florian." 3 vols. (J. and R. Maxwell.)

—We read in " Florian's " preface,—" To those whose ideas of morality run in the groove adopted by the fortunate ones of the earth, I say,—Do not read it. But to the many who have failed in the matrimonial speculation, and who bear the penalty attached to such failure, I say,—Read, and give what help you can towards obtaining equal facilities for both sexes in the loosening of the marriage bond." "The groove adopted by the fortunate ones of the earth," we take to be a somewhat strange synonym for Christian. We are at least obliged to the writer for the plainness with which he puts the matter We made our choice at once, and we give our readers the opportunity of doing. the same.