12 JUNE 1920, Page 1

In the House of Commons on Friday week the Labour

Party attacked the new Rent Restriction Bill, but the measure was read a second time by 146 votes to 19. It is strange that trade unionists whose wages have been more than doubled since the war began should object to a proposal to allow an increase of rents by forty per cent. When railwaymen exact higher wages because dockers are getting more, they can hardly complain if house-owners in their turn ask for higher rents. Indeed, Mr. Graham, the Labour spokesman, admitted that the thrifty workmen who owned small houses did not agree with him in wishing to penalize the landlord class. If Labour men would study the elements of economics, they would save themselves much needless disappointment. The idea that wages can soar while prices and rents remain unaffected is worthy of Bedlam —or Moscow. The present scarcity of houses is largely due to the artificial restriction of rents. -