12 JUNE 1920, Page 2

On Tuesday the Secretary for War made a. statement in

the House of Commons in reply to numerous questions dealing with the proposed introduction of pre-war uniforms for the Regular Army. During the current financial year it is proposed only to issue full dress to the Foot Guards and-to maintain the full dress of the Household Cavalry. The expenditure thus entailed is £160,000, whereas the alternative cost of a new khaki outfit would have been £30,000, so' that the " total avoidable expense" is £130,000. As the Guards are normally stationed in London, where they provide the ceremonial duties on occasions of State, we agree that a ease can be made out for their having a special ceremonial dress. But it should be noted that Mr. Churchill has already given orders for the new uniforms to be made, thereby, as Sir Donald Maclean observed, placing the House of Commons " in that particularly foolish position of attempting a reduction of expenditure which has already been incurred." What guarantee is there that a year hence we shall not be told that scarlet coats have already been ordered for a few selected regiments of the line at a trifling expense of a million or so ?