12 JUNE 1920, Page 22

READABLE NOVELS.—The Lost Mr. Listtluvaite. By J. S. Fletcher. (Hodder

and Stoughton. 7s. 6d. net.)—An amusing story of the disappearance of the hero's elderly uncle, who is well known for his antiquarian tastes. In the end the old gentleman is found and the plots of the conspirators who kid- napped him are reduced to nought.—A Mouse with Wings. By Henrietta Leslie. (Collins. 6s. net.)—A story of tempera- ment, the hero being the son of a commonplace man and a highly sensitive woman. A German bullet puts an end to all his difficulties.—Follow the Little Pictures. By Alan Graham. (Blackwood and Sons. Is. 6d. net.)—This book is concerned with a modern treasure hunt in Scotland. The developments of the plot are ingenious.—Tales of Two Continents. By Robert Barr. (Mills and Boon. 6s. net.)—The American stories in this book are ultra modern, but the European ones are chiefly concerned with dates up to and including the French Revolution. The modern business tales are considerably more interesting and ingenious than what may be called the " costume pieces."